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Racing Towards the Finish Line!

CCSA's new building will open in September! School is out for the summer now, but the work at CCSA – and especially at our new campus – continues apace! If you haven't driven through the West End of Chester in recent months you may have missed that our new school campus is just weeks away

The Art of Leadership

CCSA Invites you to meet some of our leaders! It's impossible to encapsulate the learning and leadership that happens at CCSA every day. The joy that bubbles up in the hallway and the intellectual curiosity that permeates the classrooms are difficult to convey in a photo, sound bite, or article. But that doesn't stop us

I Have a Dream …

In March, Kindergarten scholars at CCSA reflected on all that they had learned during Black History Month with a theatrical and musical showcase.

Campus Rising!

The construction of CCSA's new campus has been helped by a relatively good-weather winter. The work is projected to be completed by July 31 this year, in time for us to move in through August.

Update from the Classroom!

Our arts-integrated projects are designed as far as possible to be relevant to "real life" situations, to teach self-reflection and critical life skills as well as core academics. A good example of this currently is a display of scale-model food trucks constructed by our 8th graders. This project brought together math, writing, research, and art

The Chester Fund for Education and the Arts supports The Chester Charter School for the Arts (CCSA), an arts-integrated, academically rigorous, non-profit public charter school in the Chester Upland School District.

The Chester Charter School for the Arts prepares children to employ their intellectual and creative powers to enrich their community.