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Reading Beach Club is our signature volunteer reading program. Each trimester, for six weeks, more than 35 volunteers come to our school to read with Kindergarten students at 3pm on Friday afternoons. We call our volunteers “Storytellers”. Storytellers are typically paired with one or two students.

The program began in in 2014 in our yellow room, a large open space outside the Kindergarten classrooms, with vibrant murals on the walls. When the program was initiated, the murals on the walls were of ocean life and beach scenes, and we set up towels on the floor for the students to sit on to resemble a trip to the beach. The name Reading Beach Club was born. Although the murals are updated almost every trimester, and no longer show beach scenes, the name has stuck, and the children still sit on towels to hear their stories.

While occasional absences are unavoidable, we ask that volunteers try to commit to the six-week period if they sign up for Reading Beach Club. Although it is not obligatory, we also encourage volunteers to commit to all three sessions in the year if they can, as one of the most important outcomes of this program is the trusting, loving relationships that our youngest students develop with their Storytellers.

Volunteers must complete routine background checks to participate in this program, and must be over the age of 16 or accompanied by a designated adult.

For more information about Reading Beach Club, please contact Amy Komarnicki at akomarnicki@thechesterfund.org.

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